GIS Services

SGC’s Geographic Information System (GIS) specialists use ArcGIS, the world’s most powerful suite of mapping software developed by Environmental Systems Research Institute (Esri) along with advanced Internet technology and open source software, to visualize data in increasingly smarter and efficient ways. SGC provides data collection, storage, and visualization solutions across multiple platforms (desktop, Web, and mobile devices) using ArcGIS Online, ArcGIS Server, and ArcGIS Collector.

Using the latest GIS technology, SGC specializes in building innovative geographic decision support and operational productivity tools for applications in government, water resources, transportation, environmental and facilities management sectors. Understanding and representing how projects, people and places interact is the cornerstone SGC’s approach to GIS. We use GIS as a tool to reach into data, extract value from any spatial component and then visualize how that data relates to the real-world. Drawing upon the collective experience of our scientists, engineers, and GIS specialists, SGC supports clients’ needs regardless of project size and/or complexity.

The way GIS systems are built matters. Their design and development requires a dual focus approach on both the technical architecture of the system and benefit to users. A properly built GIS system offers clients improved workflow, increased data integrity, enhanced communication and broader access to information. Our unique approach to GIS implementation gives our clients the options they need while saving them licensing costs and hosting fees. We don’t create proprietary systems that lock users into years of maintenance costs but free them to focus on the data within the systems. GIS is a tool that makes our lives easier, not one that creates more work. Our history of providing such tools is the reason we are so successful with repeat client work. 

Specific GIS applications offered by SGC include:

  • Well Siting Analysis – Identification of optimum locations for water well(s) by combining current and future groundwater demands with geospatial and water quality data
  • Field Data Collection – Economical collection of field data with sub-meter accuracy using ArcGIS tools in the field and desktop software to post-process the data for improved accuracy
  • Data Conversion – Capability to convert data from varying software platforms, disparate sources and/or projections to GIS format without losing the integrity, structure, or quality of the data
  • Project Mapping Needs – GIS mapping services for a wide variety of projects
  • GIS Services – Client support for: software installation, training, data collection and documentation, hardcopy map production, mapping application development, and cloud-based data storage techniques
  • Document Storage/Data Portal – Creation of a one-stop shop for our clients’ information storage and dissemination needs.

Services Provided:

  • Basemap Preparation
  • GIS Application Development
  • Spatial Database Management
  • Corridor Resources Mapping
  • Corridor Constraints Mapping
  • Groundwater Modeling
  • Site Feasibility Constraints Mapping
  • Asset Inventory Mapping & Management
  • Resource Deployment Management