A properly designed and equipped water production well efficiently extracts groundwater from the aquifer and conveys it to the surface for beneficial use. To achieve this goal, SGC provides a full complement of well-related services including: siting, permitting, drilling, installation and testing of all types and all sizes of wells. We have extensive experience in construction oversight of: Aquifer Storage and Recovery (ASR) wells, exploration wells, monitor wells, and production wells ranging from small diameter wells completed in bedrock to large diameter municipal wells completed in basin-fill deposits more than 1,500 feet deep. Nearly all of these projects require well siting studies and preparation of detailed technical well drilling and testing specifications for implementation by the drilling contractor.

Collectively, SGC’s team of professionals have managed several hundred well installation projects throughout Arizona and southwestern United States using a variety of drilling methods based on the geologic conditions encountered. These methods include: dual rotary, reverse circulation, direct mud/air circulation, downhole hammer, cable-tool, and sonic. Supplementing our extensive in-house library of hydrogeologic experience, SGC routinely incorporates Arizona Department of Water Resources (ADWR) water well and hydrogeologic data bases in siting and preparing preliminary/conceptual well designs. In the field, the SGC project team uses a variety of surface and downhole geophysical techniques to aid in the location and design of production wells. Surface methods include gravity, magnetic, and CSAMT and NSMAT surveys; downhole methods include: resistivity, gamma, neutron, sonic, temperature, caliper, conductivity and flow (spinner) logs.


  • Well siting analyses
  • Well spacing investigations
  • Well design
  • Drilling, installation, and testing of: ASR wells, production wells, exploration wells, and monitor wells
  • Well rehabilitation
  • Well abandonment